The mission of Stonehenge Studios is to provide the optimum experience in the area of music design for the digital age. Focusing not necessarily on the development of artist, but to create an environment for an artist grow in their endeavors in the music arena.

     We will serve as a catalyst to provide sound tracks for radio and television commercials, movie sound tracks and trailers. The platform would be on such a level that we could compete with the elite. We will provide an expert team of audio personal so that no task would be too difficult to accomplish.

     The other area of entertainment would be to perform showcases within the facility to accommodate both new and accomplished musicians and artist. We will provide a real world situation for persons or groups to perform under.

     The few artist that we take on as a development project will have already showed that they are ready for the big show in their own genre. We would handle their whole production from song writing to recording and then to performing live. This will be a contractual must.

     There may be concerts coming to town and they need rehearsal space. We’d provide for them as close as possible the environment they need to do this, musically speaking. We would also have mini concerts (or full blown concerts) provided through the establishment. People could also rent dates for shows like steppers sets and so forth.

     The doors will be open to virtually all genres of music with Stonehenge providing the musicians in most cases. We would also provide a place for the rising sound engineer to get their feet wet in a real world situation in studio and in concert. This is the extended educational part of our program.