For over 30 years, I have dedicated my life to the extraordinary and gratifying field of music. During my career as a musician, I have had the pleasure of performing at some of America's most prestigious establishments. Some of my aspirations as a musician are to compose and arrange musical scores for cinema and other musical artist and teach the art of music to children of all ages. I received my accreditation from Vandercook College of Music and now attending Full Sail University, for Music Production.


Founder and CEO of Jadababe Entertainment & School of Music

Mission:  To work with young adults with a desire to learn the Art of Music - providing jobs for Musicians to work alone side of me in workshops, recording production and providing theory.  My goal is to provide ways to keep our young people interested in their learning experience which ultimately keeps them off the streets and out of trouble.  The art of music occupies their young minds.

Work Contracts


Worked as a Guitarist & Coach Driver during a tour with the “ChristLand” Singers and The Gatling Choir who toured all across the USA.

Worked as a Music Coordinator and Teacher for the Park District in Bronzeville District in Chicago, IL

Duties:  Worked with the Park District on starting their first music summer program at the Kendall Park district.  Worked with youth and young adults who had a desire to learn the art of music; worked with the park district on getting After School Matter Grants, to buy musical instruments for students who had a desire to learn but the parents could not afford the instruments.

Worked as a Guitarist for Christian Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois


Duties: Worked as a Staff Guitarist and Drummer - playing for all church programs and tours under the direction of Mrs. Willie B. Stepney. Mother the late music producer Charles Stepney..